Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo-Lacking updates

I don't really have any cool pictures to show you today. No pretty socks in the grass, no fiber waiting to be spun or already spun fiber.

I have been knitting but I haven't really finished anything. I seem to have a whole bunch of things started that need just a few hours of concentrated effort to get them finished. I just don't seem to have that whole "concentrated" thing. I will work on something for a little while, then get bored and start working on something else. I may be drinking too much coffee but that's just a theory.

I've been spinning too. As a matter of fact I finished some lovely blue yarn but I didn't take any pictures yet. I guess I'm sort of slacking in the blog department right now.

I am working on my June socks. The pattern is Meander and I think it's lovely. The charts look very intimidating but once you get the pattern established, its basically just to show you how to move the cables over so it isn't as bad as it looks.
They've had their foibles though. I was past the heel turn and working on the gussets when I decided to try it on. Yeah...It didn't fit. I ended up frogging and starting over (this was after realizing at row 52 that I had messed up the ribbing pattern and purled when I should have knit. I laddered it down and fixed it.) I got to about row 35 this time before finding another mis-stitched ribbing stitch. I fixed this one as well. I just yesterday managed to get the heel turned and I'm slowly working down the foot. It's a good thing I'm loving the chosen yarn and the chosen pattern so much or I'd be bitter. Let's not discuss this when I'm bitter during the second sock okay.

Well, I'd better go and get some knitting actually done. Then maybe I'll have a few pictures to show you in the next few days.

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