Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Romantic isn't always the best choice.

I have a bit of a confession. I love old movies and I love doing little things to help try to save the environment. In the last couple of years, I switched over to handkerchiefs rather than tissues. It may not be a BIG thing, but little things add up. Don't worry, I wash them in hot water with lots of soap, they're totally disinfected and I actually love using them. I also have this romantic old movie idea about them, that they should be pretty and frilly and wonderful. Of course they aren't. You can't find (at least not easily) hankies that are utilitarian and pretty. My solution of course is to Crochet or knit my own edges onto them. I have thought and thought about this, but never seemed ready to do anything about it until last night at Crochet Night.

First, pick a pattern for an edging that you like.
Then, crochet a sample.

Hmm, very pretty but it is worked back and forth and doesn't have corner directions.

Take a lot of notes and come up with a plan for a corner.

Then, if you think it will work, crochet a corner.

So far so good. That's an almost perfect right angle. Now measure the hanky, plan the number of stitches and start right?

It looks beautiful but it's taking forever. Remind me why I wanted to do this again.

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Teresa said...

Good for you. Tissues are one of my biggest wasteful pet peeves. I use my husband's hankerchiefs. Not pretty in the least, but they are soft and wash up just fine. Kudos to you for the effort of making a lovely edging!