Friday, March 05, 2010

As long as we're finishing things...

Let's talk about the guy I'm married to.
First off, he's a major nerd. (I may have nerdish tendencies myself so that's okay) but he is a Nerd with a capital N.

This his him watching the Vikings in the playoffs game:

Isn't he cute? Please ignore our hideous couch ok.

Anyway, as a part of his super nerdy status, he loves comic books and especially superheroes. I had purchased some green sock yarn, expecting to use it for a specific project. I didn't (because it didn't actually match the yarn that I bought with it) and so I had this green yarn lying around that was BRIGHT green. Like grass green. Now, I like green quite a bit but this was too green for me. Hubby needed socks so I asked him if he would maybe wear socks knit with the green yarn. His reply? I'm glad you asked. (Pretend you asked)

"Can they be Green Lantern Socks?"

I decided that I could probably make that work so I started off on my sock knitting. Now, understand that my hubby has size 13 feet! I knit these on....ones. Yeah, I am insane and ended up staring at this green yarn WAAAAAAAAAY longer than I wanted to. As a result, I couldn't even contemplate how I would duplicate stitch the Green Lantern pattern on for quite awhile. Then he started asking me. The things we won't do for the people we love. *sigh*

Finally, I decided to crochet the Green Lantern Symbols and stitch them on because I was afraid I wouldn't get the right shape if I used duplicate stitch. So, here they are in all their green glory.

One pair of Green Lantern socks. For those who are gluttons for punishment, here's a close-up.

The Specs:
The Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn in Grass (Yarn is now called Stroll) and Kroy Socks in Whitecap. Looks like the changed the name of the color to Muslin or maybe they don't have Whitecap anymore?
The Needles: US Size 1 Dpns and Size E Crochet Hook (3.50mm)
The Pattern: I just made a generic green sock and made up the crocheted Green Lantern Symbol. If anyone is interested, I did write down the directions for the symbol, I just don't know if anyone wants to actually make a Green Lantern Symbol.
Notes: AHHHHH! The green.

I may or may not have mentioned that I made a local fiber friend. She's very awesome and has an etsy store. As such, sometimes when I watch her children, I get to get paid in fiber. Yes, that's right, for watching her adorable children, I was given this:

Isn't it pretty? Just what a girl needs in March in Minnesota. (This is what I was giving myself 5 minute spinning breaks to spin too by the way)
I spun it into two bobbins of singles:

I apologize for the extremely crappy picture. The colors on the left are pretty much accurate though.
Then, I was even patient enough to let it sit on the bobbin and rest overnight but yesterday I plied it into this:

Isn't it gorgeous? Its so not the colors I would normally wear but I may have to knit some socks out of it anyway. Its about 366 yards. I washed it today and it's drying right now. Let's see if I can resist casting it on all weekend shall we?


Sydney said...

Awesome socks! Your spinning is very pretty! I did my little tiny bit a while ago, but really want to get back into it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Teresa said...

Beautiful yarn! So different than the roving. I love that about spinning! Sometimes the yarn is a wonderful suprise.