Monday, November 23, 2009

Still Knitting after all this time.

Wow, how sad is it that my Little Ruff of Handspun sat for that many months in want of only a button. It was even Blocked already for crying out loud. Well, I found it in the basket this morning and felt sorry for it and as long as I had my sewing kit out anyway, it got its little button. Maybe someday we will have a decent day and I can take pictures.
It gets dark so early now and it has been grey for far too long. I feel like a sponge. When there is sun I want to soak it up!
Lately I've been focusing on Christmas knitting and organizing things here at our new home. It's been quite an adventure. We have more space but figuring out how to organize our mountains of junk in that space is always the trick. Plus things have been a bit weird because hubby's computer refuses to acknowledge the internet here. That means we have been fiddling with that but sharing the computer as well. Which means he has been underfoot a great deal in my office.
Things are slowly starting to settle in and hopefully the family turmoil will settle down for a bit too.
I'll try to get more info posted more often. Maybe even with some pictures once in awhile.

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