Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What am I nuts?!

So, apparently I am hopped up on Merino because I am trouncing through the Christmas list. I have these to show for it

They are Rotating rib socks knit for my brother-in-law TJ. I am so thankful these wretched things are done. The yarn (2 skeins Knit Picks Essential in Terrain Twist) was lovely but the colors were not what I thought they were when I originally ordered and so I was kinda disappointed. I knit them anyway and I think he will like them as he's very outdoorsy and hunterish and these are fairly close to camoflage. I am sick, sick, sick of the colors though. Please also note how the rib rotates the opposite direction on the socks. So symmetrical.
I also knit the cutest thing ever:

These are both Fiber Trends Felted clogs in John Deere colors for a dad and son. The son is only two and after completely burning myself out on this lovely pattern, I have to say I love the child's size. It's so small and quick that you barely notice it and it's done. Super cute too. I know I am breaking several rules about what colors men wear and also what colors men wear on their feet, but since they are their favorite farm equipment's colors, I think they will accept. Only time will tell.

I am also over half done with the socks for my mom's friend Teri who is practically a second mom to me. Here is my proof.

The reason I only have one set of socks on the needles which is pretty unusual for me is to be explained by this:

Does this look like a happy set of dpns to you? Thanks dear hubby for sitting on it and breaking it. I could try knitting the other socks on 4 instead of 5 dpns but I don't really like to do that. It usually gets laddered for me so I will share one needle between the two or wait until this one pair is done to start the other. We'll see I guess. I think I will get impatient with only one pair on the needles.

What's that? I'm getting close to done you say?
No, I ran into town today for another skein of black to finish the endless parade of felted clogs and got this. I don't know why it looks radioactive in this picture but it's really a bright fuschia yarn that is supposed to be a scarf for my mother. (That's her favorite color) Now I'm adding projects? I don't get it. I am this close to Christmas and I'm getting cocky? Help me please.
I'm also thinking about adding another flame hat or maybe two to my list. What is wrong with me.

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