Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Round and Round it goes

So, I am here and still knitting. As the deadline for the Dulaan Project fast approaches I am busily knitting hats. Since it was 100 degrees fahrenheit here with some butt-kicking humidity yesterday, does anyone else think it's unbelievable stupid to be knitting a wool hat?

This is the current hat that's on the needles.
I am itching to knit something else, I am sublimely sick, sick, sick of hats.
This is double knit so it's extra thick and warm and it pictured with my new Sheep tape measure.
I think he's very appropriate for measuring knitting projects.
I was so excited to do my posting but I just got a message that a family friend passed away and I just don't have the strength to finish this right now.
I will try to add more later.

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